In a workflow transition I have a screen with an "attach file" input. In the post-function I want to access the attached file (if any) and create another issue with this file as attachment.

I tried to achieve this via the ServletActionContext.getRequest() but I can't seem to get the uploaded file this way. The HttpServletRequest does not have the getPart() function (does jira use servlet 3 spec?).

Is there an official way to access attached files from post-functions?

Many thanks in advance

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      Hi Tobias.

      You can reach this by following

      1. Script Runner Installed, e.g. Groovy Runner

      2. Use Script Post function or Script Listener

      in Script use event to to get changeItems:

      Remember that in Listener you should filter events by type, also you can use issuetype in addition

      This will help you get attachment id, then using AttachmnetManager you will be able to get rest attachment info.

      4. As you may know attachments path is {JIRA_HOME}/data/attachments/{PROJECT-KEY}/{ISSUE-KEY}/{fileattachment.id}, so you can physically access attached file.

      Hope this will help you.

      1. Tobias Dittrich


        thanks a lot for you answer! One question remains, though: where does the "event" come from? Standard groovy script runner does not seem to bind this in post-function.

        It seems to me that this is exclusiv to listeners. After all there is no "event" in a post-function?

        So how can I get hold of the change log in a post function?


      2. Tobias Dittrich

        Hi Naykipap,

        after playing around a bit with your solution I adjusted a few things and finally got it to work. Maybe you can edit your answer for future people searching for help with this, so they can see the whole thing. After all credit for the right answer belongs to you.

        This is what I came up with:

        where newIssue is the newly created issue in another project.

        Important: you have to move down the script execution in the order of post-steps. I moved it right to the end as last step but I don't know how far exactly you have to move it. If it's not late enough the attachment is not yet created and there is no changeItems in the transientVars.

        Hope this helps

      3. Artur A. Papikyan


        Good job, Tobias.

        I'am glad that you've resolved your task.

        Good luck.

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      I know you already have a solution, but...

      *event* will be in the bind variables for listeners only, not post-functions.

      There is code for retrieving attachments that works for both post-functions and listeners here: https://bitbucket.org/jamieechlin/scriptrunner-public/src/7c7cb23511a2/src/main/resources/com/onresolve/jira/groovy/canned/workflow/postfunctions/SendCustomEmail.groovy#cl-247

      1. Tobias Dittrich

        Thanks, that would've been exactly what I was looking for. But seeing it after I found out myself gives me a good feeling I didn't do it wrong ;)

        I was copying from CopyIssueWithAttachment, but did not expect anything in SendCustomEmail, though.

      2. Shaikh Moiz

        Hello Jamie,

        I want to configure the same thing, instead of post function i need to validate the attachment field and prompt user via a custom error message,because at different level of points we must prompt different documents to be attached,

        making a field required via validator will not saffice the requirement,Instead we must have different error messages.

        I hope i am clear with my question.

        Thanks and regards,


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      Yes, you're right. There is "transientVars" object in post function. Try to access "changeItems" element in it.

      Here is link for example

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