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Burndown chart not displaying ongoing and trend correctly

Matthias Götzke asked this question · 1 karma ·

We are having a little problem with our burndown charts. Even though we have stories listed and assigned story points. The burndown chart (by story points) always displays a horizontal line on the chart for ongoing and trend.

In other installations the moment a story was moved to in progress the ongoing and trend was updated to reflect that. Meaning the thick dotted line was pointing down. Now the graph always correctly shows the number of resolved points and remaining points but in progress stories are handled as if they were not started.

This must be something simple ? Any ideas ?


Tommy Nordahl [Riada] · 251 karma ·

We have the same issue. I need to understand the ongoing curve in detail. Where is it getting its data?

Celine Courcy · 1 karma ·

I just started using GH (yesterday!) and I'm having the same problem. Ensuring that the Sprint and Parent version numbers had start and end dates resolved the issue to a certain extent but now all I get is a dotted line, where I should get the beginning of a solid one (?).

Obviously something I'm doing wrong but would really appreciate some advice.

3 Answers:

Matthias Götzke · 1 karma ·

sadly we still have this issue ... anybody any idea ?

Matthias Götzke · 1 karma ·

I had already thought of that, sadly thats not it...



Nikhil Gupta · 566 karma ·

Can you check if the start date for the sprint is mentioned. I had a similar issue and the start date turned out to be the culprit.

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