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JIRA: How to add a comment via REST API?

holger asked this question · 6 karma ·

It is possible to add a comment by performing a transition on an issue. Is it also possible to add a comment without to perform a transition via the REST API?


4 Answers:

Rich Manalang [Atlassian] · 959 karma ·

JIRA 5's REST API will have support for this through the Issue resource (

Jobin Kuruvilla [Go2Group] · 80,168 karma ·

There is no method for adding comments alone as far as I can see!

Bob Swift [Bob Swift Add-ons, an Appfire company] · 24,022 karma ·

JIRA Command Line Interface has actions for both situations, but those uses the SOAP API.

Wojciech Seliga · 5,127 karma ·

Confirmed. There is no way to add comment to an issue via REST API in JIRA up to version 4.4 (other than while performing the transition as you mention).

I hope though that JIRA 5.0 will finally offer such fundamental feature.

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