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[closed] I cannot assign the scrum template to project with unarchived versions, why?

Thomas Heidenreich asked this question · 2,360 karma ·


I am just trying out greenhopper 5.7 and am unable to assign the scrum template to any project with unarchived versions. Archiving the current version does not work either. But projects that never had a version or had all their version archived at the moment I installed/activated greenhopper can be switched.

With all other project I keep getting the message:

The currently selected issue type scheme for this project is not compatible with the GreenHopper Scrum Issue Type Scheme.
Please migrate to the GreenHopper Scrum Issue Type Scheme by associating your project via Issue Types in the JIRA Administration console. Contact a JIRA Administrator to perform this migration.

But the GreenHopper Scrum Issue Type Scheme has definetly been assigned to the project.

Hope anyone can help...
Thanks in advance



One Answer:

Tom Corcoran · 1,962 karma ·

The Greenhopper RapidBoard in v6.x is a lot more advanced than the boards available in 5.7. Have you upgraded and given them a go?

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