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Login with Google (or Twitter / Facebook and others)

St. Wissel asked this question · 56 karma ·

I'm planning a site where users from the general public (not my organisation) will participate. Due to the nature of content they will need to register. A lot of people find another account and password a PITA. So I'd like to optionally allow them to register/login using an Oauth provider.

The final result I ideally would look like the login page of stackexchange, but for starters I would settle with "Login with Google" :-)

How can I achieve this?


3 Answers:

Daniel Borcherding · 6,457 karma ·

Hello Stephen,

Renjith did a great job at pointing you in the direction of our existing methods of doing this. Because you have the requirement that the general public be allowed to authenticate against your instance the issue becomes a bit more difficult. I believe we are using google Apps as an authentication source becuase it has a set number of users. What you are proposing would likely involve some sort of application for access and an acceptance process. Without this piece you could run up against your seat limit very quickly.

Taking a look at our marketplace it looks like AppFusions has developed a Google apps authenticator plugin for Confluence.

I mention this because it seems like your request is going to be best handled by one of our expert partners. It seems to me that there is an an additional level of functionality necessary to your project that just does not come with Confluence (i.e. the submission for approval and acceptance piece). This is best going to be handled with a plugin and I mention AppFusions as they seem to have some familiarly with authenticating from Google.

Ellen Feaheny [AppFusions] · 5,839 karma ·

Thanks Daniel -

We also now have a Google Apps Authenticator for JIRA as well !

Deployed in field also already - so nicely field tested and good to run. Both flavors are!

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Renjith V · 29,847 karma ·

Isn't this what you are looking for?

St. Wissel · 56 karma ·

Nope. The Google apps connector links users of your organisation in Google Apps to your Atlassian instance. I'm looking for allowing "anybody else" to login using OAuth (final goal) or at least with their Google ID (as a start). I don't control (like you do with Google apps) their IDs on Google.

Basically: the login page mechanismn of stackoverflow for Confluence.

Bruno BLAISE · 136 karma ·

Hi Stephan,

Do you have a solution to your problem?


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