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Github -> JIRA shows incorrect commit times

Jason Nichols asked this question · 71 karma ·

I've got Github->Jira integration nearly perfect, except for one annoying issue. When I make a commit via Github, it shows up in the JIRA immediately as "7 hours ago"

Checking the Git log, I see:

commit 1abc40ab89cef19a4a379c87cd129a648f924fc4

Author: Jason Nichols <>

Date: Fri Jul 20 09:56:14 2012 -0400

Testing timezone funkyness, TEST-2

This is correct, I made the commit about 5 minutes ago, and my current GMT offset is -4. Why would JIRA show this as having happened 7 hours ago?

Edit: A bit more information. Looking at the RSS feed for the JIRA dashboard, the commit above has the following field:



This is incorrect! The update happened at 13:56 Zulu. It happened at 9:56 local time. Is the hosted JIRA ignoring the timezone offset from the Git commit?

Lastly, I believe that the hosted JIRA is located in California, but am not positive. That would account for the extra 3 hour difference (for a total of 7 hours as shown above) since the server is hosted 3 hours behind my local time.


Rafael Bodill · 26 karma ·

We have the same issue with the DVCS plugin, JIRA and Github. Every new commit shows up immediately as "7 hours ago"... I think JIRA is misinterpreting Github's time zone. Github uses PST, and not UTC !!

Our time zone is GMT+3, this an example of how a commit looks like:

  • In local repo: 19:15
  • In Github: 9:15
  • In JIRA: 12:15

Github uses the PST (Pacific time zone), and NOT UTC !!!

Please fix it guys! Commit timestamps are extremely important!

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Alexandru Verdes · 16 karma ·

Has anyone found a solution to this? The problem is really annoying.

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Rafael Bodill · 26 karma ·

It's aweful. Commit dates are completely wrong and confusing.

2 Answers:

Michael Knight [Atlassian] · 6,960 karma ·

This is a known issue with the DVCS Connector:

I don't have any information on a timeline for a fix yet though. Please feel free to vote/comment/watch the issue as you see fit.

Martin Skurla · 61 karma ·

Hi All

JIRA DVCS Connector is using EGit library to communicate with GitHub. It turns out that there was some incompatibility between EGit and GitHub API in the providing and parsing the timestamps. After discussion with Github support they changed the timestamp format in GitHub API and EGit is now parsing timestamps correctly. All new commits should have correct time from now on. If you want to fix the timestamps of existing commits you need to resynchronize your repository from Manage DVCS Accounts page. (Administration > Source Control > DVCS Accounts)

Please let us know if the problem persists/reappears.


Rafael Bodill · 26 karma ·

Thanks Martin! It works great now. So what did Github change in their API ? It looked like they used PST instead of UTC...

Martin Skurla · 61 karma ·

The GitHub API documentation is mentioning the ISO 8601 format 'YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ' for timestamps. In fact ISO standard itself is defining a range of various allowed syntaxes for timestamps and the one mentioned is just on of them. GitHub REST API was returning PST time indeed. It was ISO 8601 valid format but not the same as described in the documentation (e.g. 2012-02-06T04:15:27-08:00).

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Rafael Bodill · 26 karma ·

I knew it! :) Thanks for sorting this out with GitHub Martin! Much obliged.

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