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Creating reviews automatically from changesets

Nikita Zhuk asked this question · 6 karma ·


I'm using Mercurial (hosted at BitBucket) and currently evaluating Crucible as a code review tool for my team. We have one fairly critical repository where we would like to setup reviews for each changeset pushed to that repository (optionally excluding some individual commits by some special string inside commit message). Is this kind of workflow possible in Crucible?


4 Answers:

Rene Verschoor [Atlassian] · 2,819 karma ·

There is the Automatic Review Creator but unfortunately it's incompatible with recent Crucible versions.

Partha Kamal [Atlassian] · 121 karma ·

You can use mercurial post commit hook and create a script using the Crucible API:

to create a review after each commit.

Kinto Soft · 66 karma ·

In my opinion (of course, there are always exceptions), creating a review for each revision might be a bit excessive in many cases.

I would say that is much more realistic using a repository browser deeply integrated with JIRA. In that way, users might view when code has been reviewed or not while them explore changes: log/history command, revision graphs, open a file, and so on.

In addition, users should be able to ask for review from JIRA if they want to be sure that code is ok. Simply: click on a revision and ask for review.

That integrated repository browser should also be able to filter changes by user allowing to review changes made by a recently hired employee, by example.

If you are using Subversion then there is available a plugin providing all features described above and much more.

Jackson Gibbs · 1 karma ·

I've got a great solution if you're arriving at this thread looking for a script to automate review creation (or just some Python to illustrate how to use the REST API) ... introducing Mullite!

Clone it, write your config file, cron it and you're set!

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