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I have been trying to integrate our release system with Jira. I started using XML-RPC protocol to:

1) Get productId -- using "jira1.getProjectsNoSchemes"

2) Get versionId (for product) -- using "jira1.getVersions"

What should I do next?I tried looking at the available APIs, but none seems to match:


Ideally, I want to be able to get the "Release Notes" directly. However, if that is not possible, what functionality is available to retrieve a list of issues and their information (description, status, etc)?

Thanks for the assistance!


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      At our site, we use python to access the REST apis for this kind of reporting. In my opinion, it's a lot easier and more flexible than many of the alternative approaches. I gave a presentation at the Atlassian Summit about using python with the REST apis. The slides include code examples and can be found here:


      1. Charles Charles

        Yeah, that's what I started looking at as well.

        However, we are using Ant as our "glue", do you know if there is an easy way to access REST API? Is there a dedicated Ant task for Jira, or a generic REST API rest available? I would prefer not to have have another dependency (Python) if possible.


      2. Dave Thomas

        The REST api is accessible via HTTP, so you don't have to use python -- it's just a convenient way to exercise the proper URLs and manipulate the data you get in response. We use bamboo to kick off ANT builds that invoke a python script as part of the build, so that's definitely possible.

      3. Dave Thomas

        I'm not sure if it's possible to directly access the URLs for the REST API from ANT. I suppose you could write a custom ANT task, but to me, that doesn't really simplify things. You could also use ANT to invoke the command line interface that Bob mentions. But again, you're not really eliminating anything; you're just substituting one dependency for another. Our choice has been to use python, which is cross-platform and gives a lot of flexibility for doing exactly what you want.

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      Consider using JIRA Command Line Interface actions like getIssueList, getVersionList, getProject, getVersion, releaseVersion etc....

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