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Best Method to compare team-member sprint load

john campbell asked this question · 21 karma ·

What is the best way to compare assigment load for each team-member? We estimate and assign each task but need a quick way to see team-memebers that are over or underloaded. Does greenhopper have an easy way to compare loads (estimate sums) between assigned team-members?

Bonus question: althought the '1 week, 2 days, 4 hours' display of estimates looks pretty I generally just want to see the total hours. Is there a setting such that estimates are reported in hours only?



10 Answers:

John Burns · 897 karma ·

I use the RapidBoard, not traditional greenhopper, but I use the workload pie gadget in conjunction with a issue filter that says "Sprint = n" where n is the number of the current sprint (not name).

John Burns · 897 karma ·

"Sprint in openSprints()" is probably a better option for the jql nowadays.

Ben Still · 71 karma ·

@Renjith - I disagree - this has everything to do with Greenhopper.

As a PM, I have a list of things my team has to do. I estimate them with my team, and allocate them to a sprint. Currently Greenhopper tells me I have say 4w work in this sprint. If my sprint is a week and I have 10 developers, that is fine. If I only have one developer, I have a really big problem.

I think team member load is very much a Greenhopper thing. Total sprint time is interesting but irrelevant if you can't see team member load.

The only way I've been able to solve this has been to swap to classic view. Problems with this are:

  1. it's a hassle
  2. you need to make a version as well as the sprint
  3. if like me you have a dev team and stakeholders as jira users on project X, the classic view shows everyone on project X, so it can take a while to get through

scott ocamb · 101 karma ·

It would be better if green hopper had a way to do this in 6.0 I would also like to see hours instead of the week day hour thing

Ben Still · 71 karma ·

yep- +1 on that. 2w 1d and 36m looks pretty, but is quite useless if you're trying to divide it by the number of developers you have available. Also, since my work day is a strange number (7.6h), if I put in 1.5d it renders something like 1d 2h 38m. Just having hours would be much easier to understand.

M Wilson · 31 karma ·

I have a lot of difficulty seeing team member allocation for a sprint. I used RallyDev at a previous employer and it was very good at doing this.

It would be nice to have a "Team" view for a sprint showing each team members capacity and allocation percentage.

Jane > Capacity = 40 hours > Taken 30 hours > 75% allocation
John > Capacity = 30 hours > Taken 36 hours > 120% allocation

I have looked everywhere for features in Greenhopper to do this. I don't want to use Workload reports because those are across all issues assigned to a member, not just in a certain sprint. Plus I can only run the report on one person at a time.

M Wilson · 31 karma ·

Thanks. I think that's what I will have to do. Wish Greenhopper would do it on the fly while we do Sprint Planning.

diane corrigan · 1 karma ·

HI John, I have the same request and I am wondering whether you have found a way to achieve this using Greenhopper? let me know, thanks!

john campbell · 21 karma ·

Diane: I actually bailed on using GreenHopper for another tool ( I liked a lot of GreenHopper but I felt it wasn't quite ready for prime time. It's been a while since I looked at GreenHopper--things might be better now.

scott ocamb · 101 karma ·

The best way I have found for this is to configure a JQL query for the fields I want and load it into Excel. I then do a pivot table to see the needs for the team. You do need to convert the time in excel since it comes over to excel in seconds. I convrt it to hours.

Renjith V · 29,862 karma ·

Scrum does not look at upfront assignment of tasks to team members. Anyway, if that is what you are following, user workload report will be of some use and this has nothing to do with GreenHopper

M Wilson · 31 karma ·

Go into Administration. System > Issue Features > Time Tracking. Deactivate Time Tracking so you can edit it. Set Time format = hours. Activate.

scott ocamb · 101 karma ·

I load the data into excel and do a pivot table for assignee hours. I have found this the best way.

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