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How to restore deleted issue in jira

ramesh asked this question · 156 karma ·


we have taken backup of few issues of project through issue navigator xml option and we have deleted those issue.Here is my question is that we have xml back up of issues and is there any option to restore those issue by using xml backup.


2 Answers:

parthis · 1,151 karma ·

Can’t think of any ways to import these issues back in its entirety, Convert your xml in to csv and use importer tool to import is all i can think of

Nic Brough · 120,904 karma ·

Not directly - the best you can do is import the whole project.

A basic workaround - fire up a temporary development Jira, import the xml, delete all the issues in the project that you do NOT want to restore, export the xml and then tell your target Jira to reimport.

Matt Doar (ServiceRocket) · 5,577 karma ·

Makes me wish for an importer from JIRA. Even better if it could handle different versions.

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