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Problem with page decorator

Slawomir Turlej asked this question · 191 karma ·

I have a macro that renders a button an a page. This button invokes an action. This action redirects to the next action using following result:

<result name="publishForm" type="redirect">/plugins/change-state/editpageparams.action?pageId=${pageId}</result>

The next action render a velocity template, which uses a page decorator with a default mode:

#decoratorParam("helper" $action.helper)
#decoratorParam("context" "page")

However, the rendered page looks like bad, as if no styling was applied. I want at least to display breadcrumbs and a page title. Does anyone know how to make a page decorator work in a custom page ??


One Answer:

Slawomir Turlej · 191 karma ·

Actually I found out that every action which renders velocity template using a page decorator must be in the /pages namespace for this to work properly.

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