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Nicholas McCagg asked this question · 12 karma ·

The company that I work for uses Confluence 2.10.3 for the time being and is upgrading to 3.5.x within the month. I'm running locally hosted versions of 3.5.7 and 4.0-m29 to try and see what we can do with HTML and CSS in both our current version and future versions. The one issue that I'm experiencing is that our company uses Internet Explorer 7 and 8, making any usage of HTML and CSS limited even more than what Confluence can already do.

I'm using the {html-include} macro to link to a locally hosted .html file and defining the CSS via the Stylesheets function of a space. The only problem is, IE doesn't support any version of box-shadow, linear-gradient, or border-radius. The border-radius function isn't that much of a setback, as boxes not having rounded corners I can live with. However, with no support for box-shadow or linear-gradient, I'm forced to use filters for Internet Explorer.

My question is essentially this: does Confluence have support for DXImageTransform functions yet? If it does, how can I make them work? If it doesn't, could this possibly be a future feature. Not having them makes it so that other elements don't display properly.


Nicholas McCagg · 12 karma ·

I tried using CSS3 PIE and it certainly fixes whatever problems I had rendering the actual HTML page in IE without even using the DXImageTransform functions, but I'm still running into the situation that, when built in a Confluence page using {html-include}, it doesn't render any of the formatting.

2 Answers:

David Simpson · 16,745 karma ·

Maybe consider Modernizr, HTML5shiv or CSS3PIE etc.

Check this Stack Overflow answer:

Nicholas McCagg · 12 karma ·

I think that I might be able to do it using CSS3 PIE. Basically, I'm just defining its behaviors using the library?

Ben Buchanan [Atlassian] · 447 karma ·

AFAIK you can put whatever CSS you like into Confluence space stylesheets, including IE filters. I've just done a quick test and was able to apply...


...using a personal space stylesheet.

I'm using the {html-include} macro to link to a locally hosted .html file

Normally that would be used to insert source directly, how do you mean you're "linking" to it? Do you mean you're just inserting a link to another server, or are you putting it into an iframe or something like that?

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