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Best way to create another issue via a workflow transition and specify custom values for the target issue / get a dialog for those?

Fabian Meier asked this question · 301 karma ·

I am currently using the "Copy Issue" Post Function from CustomWare to create new tickets via a workflow transition (e.g. 'Create Bug' from Support ticket) and Script Runner's BuiltIn Script 'Create Sub-Task' to automatically create sub-tasks (e.g. 'Initial Estimate'). These kind of do what I need to do except that I don't just want to copy all (or selected) field values but I want to get a dialog that asks me for a e.g. the summary of the new sub-task.

Here is a use case: Developer works on support ticket or bug JIRA-1 "Something Broken..." and figures out that this investigation / bug fix requires a feature or improvement. Therefore he uses the workflow transition 'Create Feature' to automatically create and link a new issue (Feature). My current implementation achieves this by copying the issue. This results in another ticket for the feature that uses the same summary (e.g. JIRA-2 "Something Broken..."). I could use ScriptRunner to give whatever field a custom value, but where do I get it from? As far as I know, I cannot prompt a dialog that asks for a value for another ticket.

The only solution I can think of would be to create a custom field that temporarily stores a value (e.g. new issue's summary) and use a Groovy script (ScriptRunner can do) to update the summary with that value.

Is there any better way?


5 Answers:

Fabian Meier · 301 karma ·

Have a look at the BlitzActions plugin from Kepler Rominfo. I had asked them for a way to do this (because I used another of their plugins JJUPIN with custom screens and hidden fields as a workaround) and they have developed BlitzActions. They have recently released version 2.0 and incorporated many of the features I have requested. It is a pretty awesome plugin!

Bob Swift [Bob Swift Add-ons, an Appfire company] · 23,932 karma ·

JIRA Create on Transition Plugin also has some help in this area, especially with 2.3.0 available as a snapshot

Fabian Meier · 301 karma ·

Thanks, I will definitely check it out and report on my results!

Jamie Echlin · 48,692 karma ·

It sounds like you want to default the subtask with certain values from the parent but allow them to be overwritten? If so this is where the behaviours plugin comes in.

Fabian Meier · 301 karma ·

I am not sure if you understood me right. I want to prompt the user for a e.g. new summary title when creating Issue B from a workflow transition of Issue A. I have seen the Behaviours Plugin in the Plugin Exchange but since it specifies the behaviour of fields, I did not think that it might provide a solution in my case.

sergey · 256 karma ·

What about JSS?

Fabian Meier · 301 karma ·

I did not have a chance to mess around with it, but especially this part sounds like it might be able to do what I want:

  • On-edit post-function gives an ability to modify field values before they are applied (for example, you can easly create dependency between fields)

However, Bob's solution sounds a bit more straight forward. I will give it a try before digging into JSS. Thanks!

Mansoor Haq · 6 karma ·

Hi Fabian,

Are you able to get it working? I have the same scenario.

The existing plugins are helpful... but they are not exactly what we are trying to accomplish.

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