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Hi, I'm mike_neck.

I'm thinking about installing and running JIRA and Confluence in Amazon EC2.

But I have one question about cost.

Could anyone share cost example for running JIRA and Confluence on Amazon EC2.

I'm thinking to run in the condition as bellow.

  • The number of user will be up to 10.
  • Access JIRA and Confluence about 16 hours a day.
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      Hi Mike,

      I cannot speak from personal experience, but looking at server specs I would suggest that you would be looking at either 2 x Small instances or 1 x Medium instance - http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/instance-types/ - as running both Confluence and JIRA on a single Small instance is likely to mean that they will both run very slowly.

      Using the calculator at http://calculator.s3.amazonaws.com/calc5.html the prices for 2 x Small or 1 x Medium come out the same so you would be looking at:

      On Demand Instances:

      • Approx $78 per month
      • Total $936 for 12 months

      Reserved Instances:

      • $320 up front cost for 1 year term
      • Approx $24 per month
      • Total $608 for 12 months

      So Reserved Instances (http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/reserved-instances/) would be a lot cheaper than On Demand Instances.

      On top of that you just need the $20 ($10 each) for 10 user licenses for Confluence and JIRA.

      Hope that helps?


      1. Shinya Mochida

        Hi Andrew

        Thunk you very much.

        Your answer helps me a lot!

        I think this is very useful answer for someone to start a new business.


      2. Andrew Frayling

        Glad it helped.

        Should also have said those figures are for Linux. If you prefer Windows it's more expensive:

        On Demand

        • Approx $112 per month
        • Total $1344 for 12 months

        Reserved Instances:

        • $320 up front cost for 1 year term
        • Approx $43 per month
        • Total $836 for 12 months

        If that's all the info you need could you mark my answer as correct please?



      3. Javier Salvay

        Hi guys, when you said "On demand", are you refering to JIRA On Demand Instances?

      4. William Crighton [CCC]

        nope - they are talking about the amazon pricing model for the servers which is based on how much money you give them at the start. On-Demand is the lowest up front cost ($0) but ends up costing about 30% more over 1-3 years. 3 years up front is...the cheapest. One thing the post answer seems to have missed is the extra cost for disk space and a database, which is where Amazon seems (imsho) to 'hit' you with the fees, and the area with the least "here's what to do" instructions. Still, if you want a tier 1 cloud provider - you go with Amazon/EC2. -wc

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