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I have a need to use 2 different workflows in the same project. I need one workflow for the main tasks and a seperate one for the sub-tasks. Is this possible and if so, how would I do it?

JIRA 4.4.4 Standalone

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    1 answer

      Hi Matthew, you can create an workflow scheme which maps these two issue types to different workflows. Please read more at http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/JIRA/Activating+Workflow
      1. Matthew Nye

        yes, ive created a schema for each but it seems that I can only add one workflow schema to each project. how do i map two to a project?

        thanks for your reply.

      2. Matthew Nye

        ahhh, i see. I add multiple workflows to the same schema. Sorry, i missed that on the first one. Thanks for the help!

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