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Is anyone interested in a howto article / demo on integrating a custom php application into crowd?

Andrew Kopp asked this question · 76 karma ·

Hello All,

In the past 2 days I've been busy developing a custom php framework for an internal project which utilizes the pear package Services_Atlassian_Crowd to authenticate against the crowd server. This implementation has not been updated in quite some time and based on my needs I will be reengineering the package including putting together some much needed documentation.

If there is interest in the community I will put togther a quick howto and demo source code for those new to developing SSO aware applications.

Anyone? Beuller?


Darren Schnare · 1 karma ·

Any ETA on this article? I could realy use it right now, I'm having issues with PHP and Crowd REST API.

Jeremy Largman [Atlassian] · 10,257 karma ·

It's been since July for this, but if it's still open, let me know if you'd like to publish this in Atlassian's Crowd Knowledge Base. I'd be happy to help facilitate the process.

4 Answers:

Michael Hitzelberger · 1 karma ·

Hello Andrew,

yes, I would be interested!


Jim Bethancourt · 736 karma ·

I definitely could have used this last fall -- I wrote a SOAP based Crowd SSO plugin / module for vBulletin. As an FYI, I started with and modified the code from




Tobias Hoffmann · 31 karma ·

Yes, that would be awesome.

Pierre Kircher · 1 karma ·

it would be purly Awsome if you could release it

looking forward to it

thanks in advanced

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