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HI All,

I am facing below error while shuting down jira instance,

"Error occurred during initialization of VM. Could not reserve enough space for object heap."

Any Idea?

JAVA_HOME is also set properly.



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      I suspect the issue here is that you have assigned more memory for the JVM to use than is actually available on the server. Check the JVM_MINIMUM_MEMORY and JVM_MAXIMUM_MEMORY values as defined in the setenv.sh|bat file to ensure they are within an available amount of memory, also ensure JIRA_MAX_PERM_SIZE is set to about 256mb.

      After you've checked these, make sure you havn't defined any that may overwrite these within a JAVA_OPTS environment variable.

      As a rule, JVM_MAXIMUM_MEMORY should be set to three quarters your available memory but should not be higher than 1.5/2Gb.

      1. Vinutha Vasan

        Hi Luke,

        I checked the setenv.sh file and defined values are,



        Also i am not overwriting any of these values in JAVA_OPTS environment variables.

      2. lrobertson39

        Try setting JVM_MINIMUM_MEMORY="800m" and restart

      3. lrobertson39

        What is your servers available memory?

      4. Vinutha Vasan

        Sorry i forgot to mention.

        Server available memory is 4.9G.

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