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How to automatize creating templated task in JIRA

David Miklas asked this question · 1 karma ·


is there a way to set JIRA to automatically make a templated issue if I tell it to do so?

For example, I want to make a new task. option one is by web interface, option two is by an email. I know how to do these. The think I need to do is that JIRA would create a new task with certain predefined parametres and also create some predefined subtasks with predefined parametres.

In reality, it would look like this:

email -> creates task SOME_TASK and also three subtasks SUBTASK_ONE, SUBTASK_TWO, SUBTASK_THREE, which will assign to person A, person B and person C (subtask_one to person A, subtask_two to person B etc.)

I've looked in plugins exchange and in JIRA administration, but without luck so far.

Thank you for your reply.


Renjith V · 29,847 karma ·

Porbably just a comment. We used SOAP interface for a similar requirement to create such a customized set of issues, and it was written as an Outllook plugin which helped users to quickly create using the mail subject/body/attachments.

4 Answers:

Nic Brough · 120,864 karma ·

Renjith has covered what I'd say about an external approach (coding outside Jira)

You could write a listener that spots the "create" event for "some_task" and then creates the subtasks. Or even a post-function in the create step. Both of those wouldn't care whether the issue was created in the UI or via email - they'd both be triggered. The email may be a little tricky though - you'd want it to capture detail from the emails, and the standard handlers don't do much more than simple "summary = subject, description = body" and a little bit around reporter and assignee. With the UI, you could easily prompt the user for fields which then generate more information on the subtasks.

I don't think you'll find this as a plugin though - it's quite a detailed requirement and plugins are usually written for general cases, and hence rarely do everything you might want.

Personally, I'd start with for the email side of it, and then have a look through the other plugins in the library for ones that can create subtasks. Whilst I don't think you'll get a perfect match, you'll find stuff that gives you a good start.

Andy Brook [The Plugin People] · 15,313 karma ·

Issue templates from email are a natural extension to JEMH (currently only UI supported fields can be configured to apply by default), I've logged with some initial thoughts on how JEMH could support this. Anyone with email driven templating, please comment on your expected use!

Beth Schaefermann · 1,136 karma ·

While the JEMH plugin satisfies the "create by email" requirement you allude to in your request, there are two additional work-arounds.

(1) Use templates in Bonfire

(2) Create a version called Templates, create the issues you want to use as templates, and whenever you want to create an issue from a template, clone one from the Templates version

You may also be interested in tracking this feature request:

Giulio Roggero · 16 karma ·

You can use workflow transitions post functions. Here is an example about creating sub-task automaticcaly

Giulio Roggero · 16 karma ·

You can use workflow transitions post functions. Here is an example about creating sub-task automaticcaly

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