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Hello everyone,

I want to create a report or a filter in jira that will allow me to gather specific Agile release/version oriented statisitcs from Jira and export them in some way. The statistics I am looking for are:

# of bugs per release/version

# of bugs per status (# bugs resolved/unresolved) per release/version

# of stories per release/version

# of tasks per release/version

Total estimated hours per release/version

Total logged hours per release/version

I just want to view the numbers in the final report not the actually bugs, stories and tasks. Is there a simple way to do this?

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    2 answers


      Hi Renjith,

      I want a gadget which shows total sum of estimated time per a client.

      Is it possible ?

      Kindly guide this is urgent

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        Create a dashboard with appropriate filters and Issue Statistics gadgets for showing all the bulleted points in your question.

        For the time related part use http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/JIRA/Time+Tracking+Report

        1. John McElroy

          i am not looking to makine another time tracking report our team have plenty but there has got to be a easy way to just have a just grab the numbers: have a forma like this:

          # of bugs: 10

          # of Stories: 20

          # of Tasks: 75

          # of Hours Estimated: 12w 4d 5h 15m

          # of time logged: 1w 2d 2h

          Is this possible and or simple?

        2. Renjith Pillai

          You could also customize the release notes template. The tutorial link in the doc will be a good starting point.


          I said this because, for you to get a single report containing all these (issue statistics + time tracking) may not be possible OOTB using Jira Dashboards.

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