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Is it possible to link multiple Jira projects to a single Confluence space?

Chris Kuruc asked this question · 31 karma ·

I'm using OnDemand. I'd like to have a number of Jira projects share the same Confluence space. It seams like you can't do this using the Application Links admin page. Is this possible with the OnDemand product?

The basic problem we're trying to solve is that we have a number of 'products' that are made up of more then one code repository. There's a 1:1 relationship between Jira projects and Fisheye repos, and that's fine. But from a product/documenation perspective we want these multple Jira projects linked to one Confluence space.


One Answer:

Chris Kuruc · 31 karma ·

Figured this out shortly after posting the question. Under Admin>General>Projects you can choose the project and select the Confluence Space to assoiciate the project with.

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