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Fields conditions

Deepnight asked this question · 444 karma ·


Is it possible to set up (custom) field required before it will goes to for example "in progress". Before this status this field is not required. It means set up fields before spesific status is chosen. Field requiremets will depends on status.

Or is it possible to change field "time_spent" as required after someone changing information in this field. And is it possible to set up some kind a weekly alert to project manager?

Thanks in advance


One Answer:

Mizan · 11,054 karma ·

Hi Deepnight ,

You can use Behaviours plugin for this , In the behaviours you can make a field Required and add a condition (workflow action /workflow step). Almost similar example is here .

fabby · 415 karma ·

hi Mizan,

is it possilbe to make a field required on one workflow step .i mean use workflow step properties.

i only find jira.issue.editable is available ,but this property is for all fields,not one specified property.

Mizan · 11,054 karma ·

yes it is possible using behaviours plugin , make the field required then add a condition of "when" for step . refer the example

fabby · 415 karma ·

thanks Mizan.

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