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What is Atlassian's backup policy for SVN on JIRA Ondemand

Syed Asad asked this question · 1 karma ·

I have a JIRA Ondemand/Studio instance with built in SVN repositories. I need to know how often my SVN repositories are backed up and how can I retrieve them if required.

Is there any consolidated document explaining the backup policy in detail?


2 Answers:

Andrew Frayling · 8,627 karma ·

Hi Syed,

Have a look at for the general backup policy and for details of how to ask Atlassian Support to create a backup for you.

I hope that answers the question?


Abdoulaye Kindy Diallo [Atlassian] · 3,899 karma ·

We can provide a full subversion export. The customer has just to submit a request for that throug SAC . Besides that, the svnsync could also be used to mirror the repo. This support is intended for Internal SVN repo. As for external SVN repo. support, there is a feature request .

May be this helps as a start :)

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