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How to make search-request-view Conditionable ?

Mik asked this question · 4 karma ·

Hello Everyone.

I would like ask you guys about possibility to make search-request-view visible or not in menu.

I know I can set state in XML descriptor, but I need set state depends logged user belongs to group or not.

How can I solve it?

Best regards



One Answer:

Radek Kantor · 1,991 karma ·


it is not possible to add a condition to search-request-view, something like:

<search-request-view key="...
<condition class="com.atlassian.jira.plugin.webfragment.conditions.UserIsAdminCondition" />

not work.

You must probably write own (overwrite existing) search plugin module and integrate user/group login into it. Other solution is used some javascript hack to disable links.

Mik · 4 karma ·

Hi. Thanks for answer.

Exectly, <condition class="com.atlassian.jira.plugin.webfragment.conditions.UserIsAdminCondition" />

not works.

I have solved problem by modification header.jsp (show links depending on user/groups)

Best regards


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