I would like to trhy out the special 6 month offer of a hosted HipChat service. However this is onlyh useful if I can integrate it with my OnDemand Jira service. I have looked but I cannot seem to find any way of doing this.

Please advise.

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      You may want to check these links:

      1. HipChat, JIRA integration

      2. HipChat for JIRA

      Hope that's help as a start :)

      1. Michael Sweeney


        if I am not mistaken both of those solutions only work with a downloaded and self hosted Jira instance. As mentioned in my original post we have a OnDemand/Hosted solution. In this case we cannot install plugins as far as I know.


      2. Michael Sweeney

        Ok thanks. My issue is - why offer me a 6 month trial of hipchat when I cannot make full use of it because its not integrated into the OnDemand service. The use of the HipChat will not be as effective.

      3. Abdoulaye Kindy Diallo

        Thanks for the feedback.

        Being in OnDemand, you can not install plugins as per Atlassian OnDemand Restricted Functions policy. However, you can request for additional plugins by creating a feature request at https://studio.atlassian.com under the Atlassian OnDemand project.

        Just my cent as I am yet to get a solution after further research.

        Thanks !!!

      4. Abdoulaye Kindy Diallo

        Glad to inform you that there is an open feature request on bundling HipChat plugin into OnDemand. Please do watch the request for further updates.

        Hope that help :)

      5. Michael Sweeney

        Thanks very much for this - am really looking forward to trying this out.


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