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Showing workflow in 'sub-task' columns

Daisy asked this question · 66 karma ·

I have got a new requirement that is we need show workflow operations in 'sub-task' columns. Any one who can give some hints on this? Thanks a lot.


2 Answers:

Daisy · 66 karma ·

I get this resolved by adding the below code. It works at jira3.13.5. Thanks Maya for your answering.

final SubTaskColumnLayoutFactory subTaskColumnLayoutFactory = (SubTaskColumnLayoutFactory)ComponentManager.getComponentInstanceOfType(SubTaskColumnLayoutFactory.class);
					final ColumnLayoutItem workflowLinks = subTaskColumnLayoutFactory.getSubTaskWorkflowLinksColumn(searchUser, currentIssue);
//make sure here issueObjects is a list of MutableIssue not Issue
new IssueTableWebComponent().getHtml(layoutBean, issueObjects, searchResultsPager)

Renjith V · 29,877 karma ·

Then you should atleast vote up Maya's answer :)

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Maya S Chase · 290 karma ·

This is part of what you need:

That will get you the additional columns in the sub-task display.

As for how to display the operations (action button?) there, hopefully someone else has an idea on that. Good luck!

Daisy · 66 karma ·

Thank you very much, Maya. However, maybe I did not speak it clearly. Some things i want to do is adding action buttons on the layout generated by IssueTableWebComponent.getHtml(IssueTableLayoutBean layout, List issues, IssuePager pager), which appeared on the sub-task view page.

Maya S Chase · 290 karma ·

Ah, ok. I haven't done this myself, but the closest thing I can suggest is use of the setShowActionColumn method.

public void setShowActionColumn(boolean showActionColumn)

That won't get you the buttons, but it will allow the Actions column controls.

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