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Can I assign more than one user to a Test Session?

Adam Grace asked this question · 176 karma ·


I've literally only installed Bonfire today, and already like it. I've been setting up Test Sessions for a project my team are working on, but only seem to be able to assign each session to one user. Am I missing an obvious option here, like assign to test group 1?

Any help here is appreciated!




2 Answers:

Adam Grace · 176 karma ·

The latest Bonfire release has sorted this now!

Christian Czaia · 10,060 karma ·

As with JIRA it seems you can only assign a session to a single user:

Adam Grace · 176 karma ·

They've now released an update to Bonfire to allow test sessions to be assigned to multiple users!

Jay Barra · 391 karma ·

To Bonfire or to JIRA?

Adam Grace · 176 karma ·

@ Jay - Bonfire

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