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JQL: How to extend my past day query over the weekend?

David Parks asked this question · 146 karma ·

I have a query that is looking at the past day, on monday that query should include everything from Friday, through Monday.

On Tuesday-Friday that query should include only the past day through the current day.


3 Answers:

David Parks · 146 karma ·

This can't be done, I've created a JIRA request, if anyone's interested go vote on it.

Mizan · 11,094 karma ·

If i am right you want to filter issues , only on monday you should see issues from friday to sunday and for other weekdays it should show only of past day ... you can use 2 filters startOfDay("-3d") for monday and startOfDay("-1d") for remaining days.

David Parks · 146 karma ·

I need to save the search and assign it to the filtered results dashboard gadget. I can only select one filter for that gadget. So, by my understanding I need one query that can return startOfDay(-3) on monday and startOfDay(-1) on all other days. I can't see how to perform a test that today is monday. If I could do (now()=="Monday" & startOfDay(-3)) OR (now()!="Monday" & startOfDay(-1)) I'd be set, but that doesn't work, and I can't find any documentation to help me see how to pull this off.

Ian D · 141 karma ·

I don't have a solution to your specific question. But I'm thinking this is why we use the greenhopper RapidBoard almost as much as dashboards. We put quickfilter button's at the top to like "Updated today", "Updated -1d", "Updated -2d", "Resolved -1d", etc. By using IN in the quickfilter - e.g. dateUpdated IN (value) -you can have more than one quickfilter active on the rapidboard at once.

Only useful if you also have greenhopper though :(

David Parks · 146 karma ·

We have GreenHopper, Agile is our main usecase for JIRA, but the rapid board for scrum apears wholy unfinished.

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