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Can I place my 30 days Trail link for Downloads

Matti Kiviharju asked this question · 214 karma ·

I am developed this plug-in for Confluence:

Can I but this page for Download Binary Config?

If I plase does it cause any issues?


One Answer:

Joseph Clark [Atlassian] · 21,955 karma ·

You won't be able to edit the download binary location, as that table is populated dynamically using the {repository-plugin} macro.

I would suggest that you add an additional section to your wiki home page that directs users to your website to activate a 30 day trial.

In your plugin, you could also edit the administration pages to direct users to your website (this will then cover the scenario for users who download your plugin from directly). <-- This is what we do with Atlassian's own commercial plugins.

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