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Is it possible to create jira custom field that links to confluence page ?

bccp asked this question · 1 karma ·


New ondemand customer trying to sort out a workflow for jira / greenhopper and confluence.

I want to create a custom field on our jira issues that is a link to a confluence page for capturing requirements, much like the Jira Linker plugin (

The above plugin cannot be used in onDemand jira - looked at creating custom field but fail fail fail.

So two questions :

Is it possible to automatically create a confluence page when a jira issue is created ?

With Jira onDemand, is it possible to create a jira custom field for linking to confluence page - using URL field ?




5 Answers:

Andrew Frayling · 8,657 karma ·


Not sure about automatically creating a Confluence page when an issue is created, but a custom field should work with OnDemand.

Select Administration -> Issues -> Fields -> Custom Fields -> Add Custom Field , select the URL field type and click Next, fill in the relevant values and after you click Finish select the screens that you want the field to appear on.

Is the above not working for you?

Hope that's of some help,


robb ware · 1 karma ·

I also want to do this, but inserting URL instead of having a searchable field is a pain.

I guess that JIRA linker plugin doesn't work?

bccp · 1 karma ·

You are correct. Ended up doing as above - URL field and manually entering the url for confluence page.

And yep its a pain.

robb ware · 1 karma ·

damn. I doubt anyone in my office will even use it.

Maleko Taylor [Atlassian] · 429 karma ·

With the latest version of OnDemand, there is a built in mechanism that adds a link from a Confluence page to the JIRA issue. To get it to work, you just need to use the 'Insert JIRA issue' macro on the particular Confluence page and have it point to the JIRA issue you want. After you save the page, take a look at the JIRA issue and you should see a 'mentions' link back to the Confluence page.

bccp · 1 karma ·

Aware of that - wanted to wrap this into a specific labeled field on the jira issues so our users will actually use it!

What you descibe above is just another work around that for our needs is as (in)effective as a custom url field.

Maleko Taylor [Atlassian] · 429 karma ·

You can also accomplish the same thing the opposite way. While viewing an issue, click on 'Link' and that will open up options to link to a Confluence page.

robb ware · 1 karma ·

You can, but only after you've created the ticket.

And it's not even the default option - it's in a tab.

And it doesn't autofill - you have to search for the article.

robb ware · 1 karma ·

Exactly. When I have a product spec in confluence that already exists, but I want to make a ticket in JIRA for some one to edit it or add to it, there's no fast and logical way to do it. Confluence is really useful, but only if it's well-integrated with JIRA. It's messed up that there is better integration with Google Docs than Confluence when you're working in JIRA.

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