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How can I best document acceptance criteria for user stories?

John Macleod asked this question · 176 karma ·

I'm going to use JIRA/Greenhopper OnDemand on my Scrum agile project for story management and scheduling into sprints. What's the best place to put acceptance criteria? Should they just go in with the Description body, or should I create a new field?


6 Answers:

John Macleod · 176 karma ·

I've just added them into the Description field under an Acceptance Criteria heading... not beautiful, but simple. Keeps all the detail for the developers together.

rifat ulutoprak · 16 karma ·

As a suggestion to this question, acceptence criterias should not be that difficult to use. Normally as Scrum Master , my expectation in story detail page is -

1- Explanation of the story.

2- A list where i can add acceptence criterias by just clicking a plus icon.

Dierk Engelhardt · 16 karma ·

We use an extra field "Acceptance criteria" because the description field is for understanding the user story.

The criteria geht the prefix (-) for not fullfilled and (/) for fullfilled. So we can visually check the progress of a story very easily.

When there are sub tasks, the sub tasks get the acceptance criteria and the user stories acceptance criteria are a brief summary of the total acceptance criteria divided in scections per sub task. When a sub task itself is an acceptance criterion this works well, too.

This way has stood the test of time in the last years.

Whyves · 502 karma ·

Just for future reference, there is a JIRA add-on called Checklist that allows a team to track their acceptance criteria in a checkbox form. It also offers a validator that prevent issue transitions until the criteria are validated.

Renjith V · 29,862 karma ·

We have done two things. The DONE criteria is actually mapped to a set of fields in Jira so that developers need not go anywhere else to get reminded about the stuff they need to finish for any Story. Also an additional transistion is added to 'Under Progress' state, which opens up a customized screen for the DONE criteria stuff. This transistion does not change the status, it goes back to 'Under Development' itself. So once all the DONE criteria is met, it is ready for a closure. Also this makes the status transparent to people.

Additionally a more descriptive explaination of each criteria is put down in Confluence and under each of the custom field created in Jira, the description has a link to this page in Confluence for each field.

Joshua Anderson · 5 karma ·

What if your subtasks under the story were the acceptance criteria? That my work well also (I may try it out)....

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