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Burndown chart by storypoints on issue status other than closed?

grant luna asked this question · 101 karma ·

Currently, the Greenhopper "statistics burndown chart" by "story points" considers an issue "burned" if the issue has a status of "closed" (this is my understaning of how it works). Can this be changed to burn down story points on a different issue status? Or multiple issue status? I want to chart issue burn down when the issue status is "ready for UAT" or "closed".


4 Answers:

Nicholas Muldoon · 2,954 karma ·

See response here:

Ferenc Kiss · 925 karma ·

If you need more fields or other fields than status to represent "DONE" or you have a totally different definition of "DONE", you may want to implement a custom agile report with JIRA PDF View Plugin.

You can use the default Burn Down Chart template and customize the logic in the init() method of "burn-down-chart.groovy".

if(it.resolutionDate != null) {

It, by default, considers any issue done if its resolution date is not null. (We got this request in an agile Requirement Management context.)

Korayem · 31 karma ·

We've solved this: during a sprint, the team updates Story Points field by reducing (or increasing) its value to what they see as remaining. This makes the chart burn down :)

Korayem · 21 karma ·

We've solved this: during the sprint, the team updates Story Points field on parent issue by asking "how much points are their remaining?" resulting in points reduction or increase. This makes the chart burn down though the issue is still in progress :)

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