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Agile Greenhopper Statistics Burndown Chart by Story Points isn't calculating properly

grant luna asked this question · 101 karma ·

I am trying to get my Greenhopper/Agile/Statistics Burndown Chart/Story Points to calculate properly but I am not having any luck. Here is my setup...

I have a sprint setup called "3.2 sprint 1" (setup as a version) has start date of 1/15/12 and and end date of 1/27/12. The epics/scenarios/issues attached to the version/sprint have a total of 83 storypoints. 14 of the issues have a "done" status (which I believe is the status that considers an item burned)... The burndown chart display's 59...not sure why it doesn't display 69 (83-14).

Check out my screen shot. Any help is appreciated,



2 Answers:

Peter Shiner · 260 karma ·

I think you are looking for a "Burn-Up" chart. See examples here and note the chart legend.

Peter Shiner · 260 karma ·

@Grant - The 14 is the number of issues done, not story points. 17 + 1 + 14 = 32 total issues. I am guessing a check of the 14 completed issues will show a sum of 83 - 59 = 24 story points complete.

You may want to consider using a version hierarchy to help group sprints per release. You create that on the planning board looking at versions. You create them either when adding new versions (add button) or you can create it by editing the Parent: field on the Version Card.

grant luna · 101 karma ·

Thanks for your feedback Peter. So how do I get the burndown chart to be based on total # of storypoints burned versus # of issues done/completed?

Renjith V · 29,847 karma ·

As Peter said, the picture you have posted is indeed should you the sum of storypoints burned. If you want to see issue burn down, instead of statistics burn down, select the issue down chart.

grant luna · 101 karma ·

Hello Peter, will you re-post your response/pictures that outlined the steps to...."..set a Statistic and enable Story Points..."

For some reason it isn't appearing in this thread and I can't find the configuration.



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