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Broken images

Christian Neureiter asked this question · 86 karma ·

Dear all!

We have freshly installed Confluence 4.1.3 in our company and when I try to "copy / paste" an image from a picture editor or from a screenshot tool I only do see a red rectangle showing "broken image" with FF 10. If I use IE8 I do not even see anything when using right mouse "Paste" or CTRL-V.

As Confluence is advertised with "it just works" I assume that some settings are missing?

Anyone an idea?




Lisa Rahder · 41 karma ·

Only way around this is cludgey... Save your image as a jpg, then upload image into Confluence. Direct paste from memory, which wroked in the past, now fails in all browsers...

6 Answers:

Joseph Clark [Atlassian] · 21,955 karma ·

Hi Christian,

It looks like this feature is not working with the latest Firefox update (FF 10). I've just created a bug report for you here:

You can vote for the issue and/or watch the issue to be notified of its progress.

Christian Czaia · 10,060 karma ·

Thanks Joseph.

Just out of curiosity, are there any plans to reduce those compatibility issues? I mean Firefox is throwing out a major release every few weeks and every time it seems to have a major impact on some core functionalities in Confluence. I will be updating a customer's Confluence instance today, happy that drag&drop of attachments (with FF 7, 8 and 9) is working again since 4.1.3 and now I have to tell those people (again) not to upgrade their Firefox. Since not every company has a centralized software distribution it's almost impossible to avoid that people randomly update their browsers... Could Atlassian give out some advice on a regular basis on which should be the current "browser of choice"? Thanks anyway.

Cheers Christian

P.S. If I was searching for this bug in JIRA I would probably look in the "Browser Support" Component.

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Joseph Clark [Atlassian] · 21,955 karma ·

(The bug triager has now added the browser support component :-) )

We're still looking at ways we can improve our current problems with Firefox version incompatibilities. The decision by Mozilla to release new versions so frequently has really been a curve-ball for us (and I imagine for others as well). At this stage, I think the best thing to do would be to add a watch to our Supported Platforms document - which should be kept reasonably well up-to-date.

Lisa Rahder · 41 karma ·

(... experiencing same issue in Firefox now, June 2013)

Jeffery Shaughnessy · 1 karma ·

Experiencing same issue in Firefox, July 2013.

Oddly enough, this feature was working on Friday, now it's Tuesday and Firefox must have updated over the weekend... still working perfectly in Chrome and totally non-functional in IE8.

Sam Warren [ePIN Ltd.] · 1 karma ·

Same issue here as well. If I copy and paste the image in Chrome and save, the image displays in IE and Firefox fine but copying and pasting an image in firefox causes it to display 'broken image' instead.

Joseph Clark [Atlassian] · 21,955 karma ·

To those of you who are re-experiencing this problem with recent versions of Firefox (Firefox 22.x), the bug report for this problem is here:

Jan S. · 1 karma ·

We use FF25 and it doesn't work there as well.
Same problem with IE8.

When will this topic be solved?

Joseph Clark [Atlassian] · 21,955 karma ·

Hi Jan. As you can see in the linked JIRA issue ( it was fixed in Confluence 5.2.4.

If you are still experiencing this problem you can create a new bug report on

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