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Is it possible to generally setup project templates?

Monika asked this question · 81 karma ·

I set up own field schemata and workflows and screens and issue types. Everytime I set up a new project, I need to change all those one by one. Is there a possibility to set standards on own templates, so I do not need to do this manually?



Nuum Solutions · 1 karma ·

Gaia for JIRA will let you create JIRA project templates (that include things like scheme configuration, predefined content, filters and dashboard creation, etc.) from which you will be able to create pre-configured projects.

You can even associate a template Confluence Space (also with predefined content) that will be automatically created alongside your JIRA Project.

5 Answers:

Min Yee [Atlassian] · 1,412 karma ·

This is still a limitation in JIRA: but there are a few workarounds suggested in the improvement request:

Monika · 81 karma ·

Thank you for your information, but it did not help. The links are outdated, the plugins are old and may not work in JIRA 4.4, if I understood the dialog.

Monika · 81 karma ·

Answer is: No.

Next question, how do I establish a feature request?

Steffen Opel · 239 karma ·

The recently introduced Project Creator for JIRA plugin specifically addresses your use case (and thus JRA-720) and is looking very promising all around (haven't tried it myself yet though).

I'll also mention that the AtlasCamp 2013 agenda features a JIRA Project Templates topic, which indicates that realted functionality is going to be included in JIRA 6:

JIRA 6.0 brings a new Create Project experience to the table, making it easy for administrators to get started with JIRA for their use case. In this talk the Project Templates Feature Lead will explain what Project Templates are about, why we built them, how you can build a project template, a behind the curtains look at how it is built, and where we are going with Project Templates in JIRA 6.1 and beyond.

How both are going to compare remains to be seen, also the last sentence in the abstract seems to hint on this new feature not necessarily being as all encompassing as one might hope right away, but it sure looks like this pain point is going to be addressed soon one way or another.

Thomas Talinski · 26 karma ·

Could anybody help me out here please?

IS THERE now a way to create project templates FOR FREE and/or without having to use a compiler or any code or whatever but just by using the admin interface?

If I understand the Atlassian supporter in JRA-720 stating the following on 01.12.2013 correctly:
"Having said that we do not have plans today to add the project schemes or templates in the next 12 months."
there is nothing easy available!?

I can hardly believe that!

Can I really only create such an trivial thing like a project template by using a not-free plugin like Project Creator for JIRA plugin???

Bob Swift [Bob Swift Add-ons, an Appfire company] · 24,022 karma ·

JIRA Command Line Interface cloneProject action can help here.

Monika · 81 karma ·

Thank you for the idea, but I am not a programmer, just project manager, who will have to manage the projects. So I see, there is only the manual way doing it. Poor JIRA.

Bob Swift [Bob Swift Add-ons, an Appfire company] · 24,022 karma ·

Yes, JIRA could do better here. You don't need to be a programmer to run a command line action, but it does require more work than via a UI :).

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