I work using pull requests and sometimes they need to be reverted. The command line workflow I use is as documented here: http://tildedave.com/2012/11/24/reverting-a-github-pull-request.html

Basically I create a new branch, find the merge commit SHA and then run

In sourcetree there is the 'Reverse commit...' option, which does a git revert but it will not work on a merge commit because it will not use '-m' (see https://answers.atlassian.com/questions/322559/what-exactly-is-reverse-commit).

How can I use sourcetree to revert a merge commit?


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      If you want to do it in SourceTree, you can only do it with a custom action.

      I already created a feature request for this, you can vote for it here.

      1. Lindsay Branscombe

        Zero reference for the command to enter into the custom action to actually answer the question?

      2. Edgar de Graaff

        Script to run:



        revert -n -m 1 $SHA

        (I prefer it not to automatically commit so I can review the changes, hence the -n parameter)

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