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Auto assigning a Jira

Mark Stocker asked this question · 56 karma ·

I have a workflow setup so that everything starts life in the Backlog. Anyone can then select an item and start work which means in moves into the "In progress" column on my task board. How can I configure Jira to automatically assign the Jira to the person that moved it from the backlog to In Progress?

I think this is done with a post cunction but I cant figure it out. The only option I can see that looks like it could be in this areas is an Issue Assigned event but if I select that I cant see any further way of configuring it.

Anyone want to talk me through it?



One Answer:

Jobin Kuruvilla [Go2Group] · 80,168 karma ·

Use the 'Assign to Current User' post function on the workflow transition.

Vishnu · 2,013 karma ·

Try Jobis suggestions. I used this.

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