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Accessing SharePoint 2010 pages from Confluence - security

Ian Bradley asked this question · 1 karma ·

I need to be able to access SP 2010 pages from confluence. I've tried the connector and it lists the libaries/lists OK, but prompts for UID/PWD everytime a link is clicked. My SP 2010 server is NTLM/Active Directory/HTTPS. Confluence and SharePoint are on completely different networks (both hosted).

Without using anonymous SP authentication, how can I create an environment where I can seamlessly logon to SP pages from Confluence?

Thanks in advance



One Answer:

Joseph Clark [Atlassian] · 21,955 karma ·

Hey Ian,

The Confluence SharePoint Connector doesn't have any built-in support for displaying SharePoint pages - it only does lists and libraries.

Are you able to configure seamless authentication at the desktop/browser level for your users? That way they won't get prompted for a username and password by SharePoint.

Ian Bradley · 1 karma ·

Hi Joe. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I can't configure the authentication at the desktop level as there's likely to be thousands of users :-) Basically, there's a company in the US that has a hosted Confluence wiki environment. They want to be able to seamlessly access pages on my SharePoint 2010 Enterprise hosted site (different hosting provider). I'm reasonably technical in terms of SP/SQL development etc and managing SP site collections, but not so good on the internet security/authentication side of things. Any help would be appreciated

Ian B.

Joseph Clark [Atlassian] · 21,955 karma ·

I'm not sure there's any way to accomplish this without turning on anonymous authentication on your SharePoint site. I don't think there are any good SSO solutions built-in for SharePoint that will work across the wider Internet.

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