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Hiding People Directory

Garth McDonald asked this question · 16 karma ·

I am in charge of setting up our new jira studio instance up for our customers to be able to log in and get documentation and issue tracking. I have the need to hide the people directory from certain/all users in my Jira Studio instance. I contacted support and they gave me this response:

We are not able to perform the requested change. In order to hide the People directory we need to change the source code. This change will only stay until the next upgrade. This type of customization of the instance is not supported as it cannot be a persistent change.

This is quite amazing to me that this isn't possible because I can't have a list of my customers and their email addresses published. I have searched around and now have the following questions and I asked them of support but have not recieved a response for a few days so I would like to see if I can get an answer to my questions here:

  • In the documentation there are instructions on how to do this and it seems like a simple change but I don't have access to do it and from supports response it seems they are unwilling to do it.
  • (figured this one out, see below) On the dashboard does not have the people directory link there but on my instance it is on the dashboard and I can't figure out how to remove it. Again in the documentation there are instructions on how to change the default page for confluence but I am unable to select anything but the Dashboard in my admin interface.
  • if you look at a user in the people directory at the user's email address is hidden. How do I do that? I changed the option in the administration interface under Issues | Global Settings | General Configuration to have the User email visibilty hidden but this doesn't change the ability to see the email address in the people directory.

If I could do any/all of the things above(especially the hiding of the email address) that would be very helpful in my attempt to make this be a solution for us.


3 Answers:

Jeremy Largman [Atlassian] · 10,257 karma ·

There are a couple open Confluence feature requests about this:

There's also a corresponding JIRA Studio request:

Neither of these are implemented yet. Add your comments (perhaps link to this discussion as well) in the Confluence feature requests - that's the best place for the discussion. I've also added a comment in the JIRA Studio ticket to see if it'd be possible to leverage the workaround.

David Simpson · 16,745 karma ·

If you're on JIRA Studio, likely you can't customise things too much.

Garth McDonald · 16 karma ·

I understand that there is a limit to what can be customised but I would like get a definitive answer to my specific questions above as to wether those items are possible. Especially changing the wiki dashboard since there is an option to change that, it just doesn't seem to be working and also the hiding of email addresses since there is an option for that in the admin as well but also does not seem to be working. Are these bugs or am I doing something wrong or is it really not possible to do any of the specific things I am trying to do?

Garth McDonald · 16 karma ·

I figured out the answer to how to change the default page displayed when you go to wiki in Jira Studio. The problem is that the space you want to be default has to allow confluence-users group view permission in order to be displayed in the dropdown in the administration interface. That is in the directions at but when I went to add that permission to the space I wanted to make the default, that group didn't exist. I thought then that the users group must be what they meant for Studio.

When I created a new space that wasn't tied to a project then that space had view permissions for confluence-users group with a red warning that that group didn't exist. So I went ahead and created the group and added view permissions to the confluence-users group and then the space was available in the dropdown for the default page in the admin interface.

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