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metrics from Jira

Mark Stocker asked this question · 56 karma ·

I have a simple workflow that looks something like this "In Progress - SYST - UAT" and from SYST and UAT there is a route back to In Progress should either of these phases fail.

Is there a way of capturing how many Jiras are moved back from SYST to In Progress and from UAT to In Progress?

I would like to do this on a monthly basis.


Nic Brough · 121,514 karma ·

Exactly what I'm trying to write a plugin for at the moment. As Neil says, we can do it with SQL, but it's not fast or flexible enough for my users, they want to click on stuff in Jira and get an answer

2 Answers:

Neil Arrowsmith · 216 karma ·

We've done this kind of thing in SQL against the Jira database before. As we have Confluence too, we use the SQL plugin to pull similar Jira data on to Confluence pages for reporting.

This page is useful for working out the data mode:

Although Atlassian seem to have removed it from the latest Jira docs, so this is for Jira 4.3

Mark Stocker · 56 karma ·

Thanks neil, going to try this out.

Andrew Frayling · 8,657 karma ·

Hi Mark,

Not sure which version of JIRA you're using, but if you're on 4.4.3 or above you should be able to use the CHANGED operator to search for something similar to:

status CHANGED FROM "SYST" TO "In Progress" DURING("01/01/2012","31/01/2012")

Details on using the CHANGED operator are available at

Hope that Helps,


Mark Stocker · 56 karma ·

Thanks Andrew, that partly gives me what I want but is does not count how many times a Jira went back and forth. If it ping ponged from In Progress to In SYST 4 times on that query the Jira would only show up once. Going to try the suggestion from Neil below.


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