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How to create a db neutral orderby returned data in active-objects

Andy Brook [The Plugin People] asked this question · 15,283 karma ·

I have an AO entity with lifecycle info like 'created' (Timestamp type) and a data entity that extends it. I want to use AO to retrieve the data entities, ordered with most recent dates first. If I try the following:

MyObj[] = aoService.find(MyObj.class,query);

I get: ERROR: column "created" does not exist Position: 58 at org.apache.velocity.runtime.parser.node.ASTMethod.execute(

But, the table does have a Timestamp column, A bug possibly? Even if this worked, Im curious how I would indicate 'ascending' or 'descending' orders.

Anyone got an example to hand?



2 Answers:

Samuel Le Berrigaud [Atlassian] · 1,412 karma ·

It looks like a case sensitivity issue to me. Some database are case sensitive, Postgres being one of them. And all table and column names converted by the AO plugin are upper case.

See the table names and column names conventions for more information.

In your case I think simply changing your code to the following should work."CREATED")

Andy Brook [The Plugin People] · 15,283 karma ·

Hi Sam, I should have thought of that, upper casing worked. If AO coverts all columns to upper case, it would be a wrinkle removed if column operations shouldnt be case sensitive?

James Winters [Atlassian] · 2,567 karma ·

Andy, you should be able to do"created asc")"created desc")

Try it, if that's not working then there may be a bug

Andy Brook [The Plugin People] · 15,283 karma ·

Hi James,

Thanks for that, looks like the fundamental problem is the inheritance, logged as

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