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How to automatically create sub-tasks when a review is created for a linked issue?

Ben Belchak asked this question · 21 karma ·

I would like to have a sub-task created on the linked JIRA issue when I create a review. Is there any way to do this?

If not, what is the best way to ensure that a code review is completed for an issue before it can be completed?


2 Answers:

Adam Saint-Prix [Atlassian] · 1,441 karma ·

I'm not sure if you can create a sub-task when you create a review out of the box. I have to poke around a bit on that one.

However, your second request I know is possible:

JIRA's workflow allows for a number of built in conditions that allow you to restrict execution of a workflow transition, (i.e. moving an issue from In Progress to Resolved).

You can have a look at Configuring Workflow and JIRA's built in conditions for more on what's possible, but the two options that might work in your case would be here I think:

No Open Reviews Condition

Only allow the transition to execute if no related Crucible reviews are still open against the issue.


Unreviewed Code Condition

Only allow the transition to execute if no unreviewed changesets related to the issue exist.


Ben Belchak · 21 karma ·

Thanks! I think if I can accomplish #2, I can effectively accomplish #1.

Adam Saint-Prix [Atlassian] · 1,441 karma ·

No problem. Good luck.

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