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Ordering remote repository paths in SourceTree

natlassi asked this question · 26 karma ·

When I open the commit dialog there is a checkbox at the bottom of the screen to "Push commits immediately to [heroku]." Heroku is selected because it is the first repo in my list. The second repo is bitbucket. My question is: Is there a way to make heroku the second repo and bitbucket the first? I want to push commits immediately to bitbucket, but every time I open the commit dialog I have to select bitbucket instead of heroku at the bottom.

I tried removing heroku and re-adding it. That looked like it had fixed it, but when I brought up the commit screen the next time the order of the repos had switched again. Heroku always ends up at the top. How is that?


3 Answers:

Steve Streeting [Atlassian] · 14,660 karma ·

SourceTree should be listing the remotes in the same order reported by 'git remote' - however it prefers a remote called 'origin' (for git) or 'default' (for hg), so if you rename the remote you use most to that then it will always be selected by default.

Sven Schmidt · 16 karma ·

Hm, that's not workting for me:

» git remote

Remote list in SourceTree

Matt Mullins · 1 karma ·

Not working for me either.

Sourcetree order:


git remote order (alphabetical?):


It would only be a minor annoyance if it was just the display order, but it seems like this order is used for things like the Push dialog, too. I don't want to accidentally be pushing branches to coworkers' remotes.

The ability to customize the order via drag and drop would be ideal. Alternatively just using the order the remotes were added in sourcetree would be interesting. Prioritizing keywords like origin fork and trunk is another alternative but not very straightforward and what about subordering of origin, fork, trunk?


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