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Firing Events on Custom Field Update

Anthony Wu asked this question · 81 karma ·

I want to be able to fire off an event based on a custom field being changed to a certain value.

So for example, if I an issue, called PROD-1234, and it has a select list field called Options.

Options has: Option 1, Option 2.

If it goes to Option 2, I want to be able to specifically fire off that event.


3 Answers:

Nic Brough · 120,904 karma ·

That's not how events work. Events are things that happen to issues, not fields. (Oh, and there are user events in later versions of Jira.

If you want to do something when a specific field changes on an issue, you will need to write a listener that catches all the issue change events and examines the field value to see if something extra needs to be done.

Anthony Wu · 81 karma ·

Ok, so I would write a listener that looks for that field change in the issue, but I would be unable to fire an event to trigger the notifications from it?

Would I just call the mail server from the listener itself then?

Eva · 1,340 karma ·

Wouldnt that be post function?

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