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How do I access Bonfire and it's browser extension

Michael Rickey asked this question · 11 karma ·

I'm new to OnDemand and selected Bonfire to be part of my eval.

Looking at the online manual, there should be a link to install the browser extension in the drop-down where my name is, but it's not there. Bonfire doesn't show up when I'm granting users access to application (only Jira and Fisheye/Crucible show up).

Am I missing something?



2 Answers:

Michael Knight [Atlassian] · 6,960 karma ·

Documentation has been updated on this page to provide OnDemand-specific instructions for access this plugin.

Nik Eklund · 5,894 karma ·

The link to download the Bonfire plugin/browser extension is under the dropdown under your user name in the upper right-hand corner. You should see the option to "Get Bonfire" which will take you to a page to download the appropriate version for your browser. Once you have it installed, you will need to sign in and then you can begin using it.

If you don't find the link there, best to confirm that it was included in your trial (and add it if it was not) at:

If everything checks out and you still cannot access the link, please open a support request and we can find and resolve the issue right away.

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