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Interface with external repositories: When will it be available? (JIRA On Demand)

Paolo Pegurri asked this question · 21 karma ·

Just bought the OnDemand version of Jira, Bamboo and Greenhopper, expecting the same features I read about on the Product Features page.

Unfortunately, I was annoyed to find that the OnDemand version lacks a lot of these features.

(for example interfacing with external repositories (Bitbucket))

When will they be available?




2 Answers:

Yvonne Seifermann [Atlassian] · 250 karma ·

Hello Paolo,

I am very sorry to hear about your frustration. It is surely not our intention to create expectations with customers and then we do not meet them.
In general we do not give a fixed time, when new features will be added, also for the same reason as mentioned above.

But the feature you are asking for belongs to the restricted functions and we have a page where we summed them up for OnDemand. Most restrictions are due to security risks and will not be changed. You can find the restricted functions here:

Kind regards,


Michael Knight [Atlassian] · 6,960 karma ·

JIRA OnDemand has integration with Bitbucket. See this page for more details. Currently there is no integration with the other applications.

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