any issues created on Bitbucket doesn't appear on JIRA. It's the same, when I create issue on JIRA, it doesn't appear on BitBucket

I have:

  • JIRA DVCS (OAuth cosumers, JIRA DVCS, Jira Importer Plugin) in Bitbucket Integrated applications
  • JIRA configured links in BitBucket repository Links
  • Issues, POST, Pull Request POST in BitBucket Hooks
  • DVCS plugin in JIRA, configured with given OAuth key and secure
  • Project imported via Import from BitBucket

What should I have wrong? Thanks

  1. Jiri Kolarik

    Settings screenshots

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1 answer


    The linking between JIRA and Bitbucket does not copy Bitbucket issues over to JIRA, or vice versa. The intention is that you use either JIRA, or the Bitbucket issue tracker.

    For those using JIRA, the DVCS Connector makes it so that whenever you mention a JIRA issue in a commit message, comments, etc, Bitbucket will make it a link to your JIRA instance. However, you'll still want to turn off the Bitbucket issue tracker. It's a separate thing from JIRA.

    1. Alexander Riggs

      Well if that's the case, then there should be at least a fourth option in bitbucket to change the link to the JIRA page

    2. Sergio Basurco

      Agreed!! I've lost sometime until I've sorted this out.

    3. Thomas Harris

      Crazy that it's  so hard to figure this out.  Poked around the JIRA and Bitbucket docs for hours thinking there had to be a way to auto-populate Bitbucket issues in Jira!  Then found this post.  Thanks Erik.

    4. Dario Bonotto

      We have opened the below request to have the documentation update:

      • JRA-62129 - Integration of Bitbucket and JIRA does not copy Bitbucket issues over to JIRA, or vice versa Open


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