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how to set timeout for jira user session?

Eva asked this question · 1,340 karma ·

I am trying to configure so that user session expire every 30 minutes but i cant seem find the property for it. And it's def not in general nor advance configuration.

Thanks in advance!


2 Answers:

Niels Jaeckel · 2,317 karma ·

I'm afraid, there is no way to configure the session timeout in JIRA via administration or a command line option. You have to edit the bundlet web.xml file:

The default session timeout seems to be 30 minutes. Then you would not have to do anything. Maybe you want to deactivate the "remember my login" option, too?

Adam Myatt · 1,862 karma ·

Additionally, if your JIRA authenticates to Crowd, there is a session timeout control in Crowd in the Admin tab, click Session Config. There's a field Session Timeout to enter the Crowd timeout as well which would affect users logged in to JIRA.

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