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How to find issues based on "summary" value and update issue using JiraJelly

PaCo asked this question · 64 karma ·

I need to update about 150 issues programmatically based on the "summary" field of issues.

Is it possible, using JiraJelly, to:

  • do a search for an issue based on it's summary value
  • return the issue KEY
  • edit the issue

Something like:

<jira:search field="summary" value="issue summary value to find" issueKey="issueID"/>
<jira:update key="${issueID}" field_to_update="value to set">



One Answer:

Niels Jaeckel · 2,317 karma ·

All available Jelly tags for JIRA are listed there: Jelly core tags are documented there:

I tried updating issue fields by Jelly some time but it was a real headache. There are currently no Jelly tags that support field updates. So you have to use generic Jelly tags and call JIRA's API for field updates. That is really awful and error-prone.

If you want to update those 150 issues only once, the best would be to do it manually :-) If this should be done on a regular basis, you should consider writing a plugin to use the JIRA API directly (and not through Jelly). Maybe a service module is an option for you.

PaCo · 64 karma ·

Thank you Niels

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