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How do you handle multiple projects for multiple developers staying Agile?

chrisan asked this question · 70 karma ·

We are a small shop of 10-15 people with multiple clients and very different projects (custom cms, games, shopping solutions, facebook apps, etc). We also have internal projects we license to clients with some customization.

Basically we use jira for a wide range of projects and rare is the time any 1 developer has issues assigned to him inside a single project. The agile task board is limited to one project

What is the best way for a developer to see all tasks assigned to him across all projects? Ideally this would have some sore of global ranking, ProjA Task 347, ProjB Task 21, ProjB Task 27, ProjC Task 109, ProjA Task 349

And likewise what is the best way for a project manager to view current workloads of all developers?


One Answer:

Jo-Anne MacLeod · 3,756 karma ·

Take a look at Rapid board, it covers multiple projects (its in the latest release of JIRA/GreenHopper)

chrisan · 70 karma ·

Ah perfect, thank you. Just hope it makes it to onDemand soon :)

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