Is there a way to sort by the Fix Version's Due Date?

In the Issue Navigator, I can search by the Fix Version column, but it groups by project. I want to only sort off of the Fix Version's Due Date, so that it includes all projects.

I have been working around this by setting the Due Date and the Fix Version on each issue, but this gets annoying as the number of issues gets larger.

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      Hi FastEddie,

      You could try using a JQL command like "project = Project_Name ORDER BY due, fixVersion".

      This is an issue most poeple are having though. It's being tracked here:


      1. Eddie Fast

        The query you suggest doesn't work. I'm not even sure what 'order by fixVersion' actually does (alphabetical? I can't tell). But it isn't searching by the 'fix version's due date', which would be the obvious thing it should do.

        However, the Jira ticket does request the exact thing I'm looking for, so thanks for that! Here's hoping Atlassian implements it.

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